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The days are just packed.

Posted in pregnancy, Uncategorized by lucelips on May 3, 2010

I am taking a computer programming class.

I have no idea why I’m doing this. It’s not going to help me in my current job, and I frankly have no real ambition, per se, to do anything else in particular. But I’m taking a programming class and I’m learning JavaScript, which is, um, hard. I admit to you (yes, you, the no one who reads my blog because I haven’t told anyone about it) that I was arrogant enough to think this class was going to be easy for me because the topic was so tactile, so straightforward and unambiguous, so follow-the-directions-and-get-the-right-answer-only-morons-can’t-do-this type of thing. I really thought that all the critical theory and thinking about things and searching for the right verb that evokes the right feeling that I did in grad school was really, fucking hard and so this programming stuff would be simple.

Who. Knew. that programming actually involves a lot of logic-type problems and that I have to, often, figure shit out that has not been thoroughly explained to me. Ugh.

Anyhow, I’m writing about this class because I have a midterm tomorrow night and instead of studying, I am looking up used boppy pillows on craigslist. This baby stuff is really screwing with my priorities.

How was the doctor’s appointment yesterday? Well, it was, in a way, a disappointment. The nurse who checked me in and took my pee (they give you a funnel now! smart!) was super sweet and I rather liked her, but the MD was, as Chad said, “clinical.” Clinical to the point that she discouraged me from natural childbirth, told me she didn’t think I was “going to get what I wanted” from a midwife experience, that 97% of women at her hospital have an epidural, and a “high percentage” of women are given pitocin, and if I wanted to labor for 20 hours having unproductive contractions (instead of having pitocin and having “good” contractions for 2 hours), that was up to me. Um, yeah, it is up to me. She made it pretty clear that once you’ve been in the hospital for a while and not progressed the way they want you to, they make you progress because the hospital is so high volume.

Doctor: Women who think they want a natural childbirth experience need to keep an open mind, because it doesn’t often end up working out that way.
My Inner Monologue: Health care professionals need to have an open mind about natural childbirth.
My Outer Voice: I’m just really freaked out by the idea of being strapped down to a bed and not being able to move.
Doctor: Well, that’s often the reality.

I don’t know if I can do it like these women did, but I want to be given a fighting chance to try. So long as I continue to be low-risk and blah, blah, blah.

So, thanks but no thanks, fancy university hospital that is a sister institution to my employer, we’ll be leaving now, I think. (When we were actually leaving, I literally said to Chad, “I shaved my legs for that?”)

We spent the rest of the weekend with my dad and stepmom who drove down from Milwaukee to play scrabble and cards and go to the aquarium with us. (This is our third visit to the aquarium in the last two months, and I’m just about done with the underwater wonder of it all.) Now Chad is out doing two weeks’ worth of laundry (When will we ever have laundry in unit? Please, apartment gods, please?) and I need to go study while eating birthday cake with a spoon.

Oh yeah – I’m going to try to do this – even though I missed the first two days.


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